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We know problems with a partner or subcontractor can spell disaster when seeking a fire inspection certificate – but we eliminate those concerns. We know your reputation is at stake, and our seamless process means no surprise change orders or endless add-ons. 

Most importantly we offer competitive pricing and an array of payment structures that will fit your budget while still providing the highest quality of service.


We’re proud to be a Tier 3 contractor partner, and we look forward to working with you.


Custom Design

Your fire, property, and safety concerns are as unique as your family, and AlarmSouth’s custom-designed, tailored security solutions offer the ultimate in home security. We take the time to listen to your needs and design the perfect protection for you and your family. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our home security experts.


Matt Laws and Lane Hooks, our commercial leaders, offer over 60 years of combined experience in design, installation, service, and sales of custom security systems.

Case Studies

Clothing Company - Fire Alarm Installation

In this case study AlarmSouth worked directly at the direction of the General Contractor in a sub-contractor role installing a total fire and evacuation system.  The scope of work included pull stations, smoke detectors, flow\tamper switches, horn strobes, and voice evacuation system for a 300,000-sq. ft. facility. The project was subject to strict guidelines by the General Contractor for scope of work, timeline to complete the project, inspection, and testing.  

Telecommunications - Biometric Access

For this customer AlarmSouth installed an access control system across 14 locations for a telecommunications company.   Biometric access integration allows one platform for all locations which gives the customer real time control over entry and exit from any location. The burglar and fire systems can also be integrated into the access control for a seamless experience for end users.  The integration of multiple platforms into one end user experience is huge for our commercial customers.  

Car Dealership - Video Recording System

AlarmSouth recently partnered with a car dealership providing IP Cameras over multiple sites giving the customer real time access to video.  In this particular installation Network Video Recorders were deployed at each site to store and log all video.  Video can also be stored in the cloud to eliminate the NVR or in addition as a redundant solution in case the NVR is damaged or stolen during a break in.  Wall mounted recorders that look similar to an electrical panel can also be used to be less conspicuous.  

Medical Facility - Camera, Burglar, Fire Alarm and Access Control

This particular case study is an example of an AlarmSouth “Total Solution” installed for a medical facility here in North Carolina.  The solution included intrusion, access control, fire, and cameras.  The 50,000-square foot facility has a completely integrated system that not only keeps unwanted personnel out but protects and tracks employees as they move around inside the building.  A “Total Care” Agreement assures the customer a fixed maintenance cost across the platform for any service related issues or service calls.  It’s a comprehensive solution.  

Multi-Location Businesses - Video Surveillance

Multi location businesses would be considered a sweet spot for AlarmSouth.  Our large service area allows companies to have one point of contact for security needs at each location. Having been in the industry for over 50 years AlarmSouth has developed a network of resources that can be deployed across the Southeast giving our customers confidence that issues will be handled promptly and professionally.  An example of this is a fast food chain contracted with AlarmSouth to manage all locations in the Southeast.   

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