Access Control and Card Access Systems

access control systems.jpgAlarmSouth provides on-site, hosted an remote managed physical access control systems. Securing entry and exit points of buildings as well as interior doors, and tracking access with real time information, are easily done with our convenient access control systems. Biometrics provide two factor authentication where needed.


Benefits of Access Control Systems

Businesses are always hiring new employees or dealing with at least some employee turnover. Access keycards make this process easier and safer for a number of reasons:

• Employee access can be restricted to specific times or specific buildings
• Access keycards can be setup to record various actions, like the opening of a supply closet
• Specifc cards can be activated when an employee is hired, or quickly deactivated when one leaves - within a matter of minutes so no more waiting for new keys

• Did someone lose their card or have it stolen?  The card can be immediately deactivated to minize risk
• There is no threat of keys being duplicated without permission

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