Fire & Life Safety Systems

Fire Life Safety

Sensors and automatic alerts can be placed throughout your business to detect issues or problems - before you even realize there is an issue.


The most commonly installed sensors detect water, carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, glass breaking, and motion.


When a sensor is triggered, the alarm system decides the appropriate response including contacting the fire or police department, triggering a sprinkler system in response to smoke/heat, or turning on an exhaust vent in response to carbon monoxide detection. 


All of these sensors and alerts work together to provide you with  with up-to-the-second information about what’s happening in your home or business.


AlarmSouth offers sprinkler supervision, voice evacuation, automatic fire detection, NICET certified technicians, required inspections, CAD drawings, North Carolina Limited Electrical contractors service, UL listed & FM approved systems and more.


Get in touch to find out more about Life & Safety Alerts how they  benefit your home or business and potentially even save a life.  

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