What you need to know after your alarm is installed.

Posted by AlarmSouth on Jun 5, 2018 4:25:25 PM

When your alarm is installed you will feel a sense of security and relief that you are now protected You will know how to arm, disarm, and perform other routine functions. 


Typically after the installation customers forget certain features.  We are here to remind you of our top things to know after your alarm is installed.


Recent Case Study:  Recently a business received a fine because they were unaware the alarm had to be registered with the city.  The alarm was triggered and police were dispatched.  Thankfully everything was fine however the police discovered the alarm wasn't registered and fined the business.  That brings us to what you need to know after your alarm is installed.




- Know if you need to register your alarm with the city or county you are located in.


- Know where the main A/C transformer for your alarm is located in case you need to power the alarm down for troubleshooting.


- Know your distress code and if you do not please contact us for assistance.


- Make sure the number for Security Central Monitoring is not blocked on your caller ID; 704-838-8000 and stored as a contact in your phone.


- Make sure everyone in the family knows the password and knows how to use the alarm system.


- Know the difference between your original smoke detectors installed by your electricians and the ones that are installed with the alarm system.


- Know if your alarm system is using a cellular radio or a landline in case you ever decide to disconnect your landline or change your telephone service.  



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