What can cameras do for your home and business?

Posted by AlarmSouth on Jun 4, 2018 4:34:12 PM

Today we ask ourselves, "How we can better take care of our property, our business, our family and all the things we value?"  One great way is with security cameras.  How can cameras benefit  your home or business?  Let's cover some common questions and answers about the major benefits of cameras and the security they provide.  


- How many cameras do I need? 

It depends on points of entry and the outside area you would like to monitor.


- What types of cameras are there? 

Options are numerous. Some include fixed, pan/tilt/zoom, virtual or 360 degree, outdoor, indoor, doorbell, dome, bullet, discreet, day/night, high resolution, infrared, remote zoom, auto-focus, thermal imaging.


- Should they be professionally installed? 

Yes. We recommend professional installation due to overwhelming choices and installation options available. A botched installation can hamper the functionality and performance of your cameras.


- Do they need to be professionally monitored? 

Yes. It's a terrible feeling to have a break in or to be vandalized. It's even worse if you realize the video footage you need is not there because of a camera outage or a recording error. AlarmSouth's camera health monitoring will alert our staff 24/7 if there is a camera outage or your DVR loses power.


To summarize there are many options and choices for cameras.  The AlarmSouth Team can help to navigate the options and design the system that works for you.


Surveillance cameras have redefined home security and business protection.  These advances have made security cameras the standard when it comes to protecting your safety and property. 




- Prevent crimes and lessen criminal activities on your property by acting as a deterrent.


- Provide an extra layer of protection by spotting emergencies first and provide quicker response times.


- Dealing with accident/insurance claims, cameras can provide video proof to back your case. 


- Businesses can claim tax deductions on the purchase of a security surveillance system.


- Reduce insurance premiums. 


The benefits of having a surveillance system are undeniable.  Cameras could end up saving you, your family, and your business.  They are a smart investment for anyone to consider, whether it be for commercial or residential purposes. With our help and custom designs you are certain to find a system that fits your needs.


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