What are flood sensors and do you need them?

Posted by AlarmSouth on Oct 10, 2018 3:16:06 PM

     Flood sensors are a small sensor that has the ability to detect moisture levels for a potential flood in your home or business.  Often people in flood prone areas will purchase flood insurance but what if you are not in a flood area?  Do you still need a flood sensor?  The answer is yes.  A flood sensor can act as its own insurance policy against all water damage resulting from burst pipes, internal leaks, clogged drain lines, faulty washing machine hose, or basement ground leaks.  




Instant Notification - The sensor will give instant notifications if water is detected thus resulting in a faster response time and reducing potential damage. A leak can turn into a flood in just a few minutes depending on the severity.  Early detection could be the difference between a $1000 of damage and $10,000 of damage. 


Numerous Applications - Flood sensors offer great prevention for all homes and business.  Some common applications for homes are around washing machines, dishwashers, basements, bathroom plumbing, and hot water heaters.  Businesses should place them where their most sensitive assets are located such as data centers, warehouse areas, and areas most susceptible to water intrusion. 


Easy To Install & Use -  Our experts will evaluate your home or business to determine the best placement of sensors.  Flood sensors also have wireless connectivity and battery power making them easy to place in water-prone locations.  


    One well-placed flood sensor could prevent a leak from turning into major property damage and reduce the need for costly repairs or possibly save your home or business.  So do you need flood sensors?  The answer is yes.  Everyone can benefit from having flood sensors installed in their home or business. 


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