What are flood sensors and do you need them?

By AlarmSouth October 10, 2018

     Flood sensors are a small sensor that has the ability to detect moisture levels for a potential flood in your home or business.  ..

When is it time to upgrade your current security system?

By AlarmSouth June 5, 2018

     There comes a time when every security system will need to be updated.  That time could be by necessity or personal preference. Your

What to know for power outages during the storm season.

By AlarmSouth June 5, 2018

This time of the year is the beginning of thunderstorm and lighting season.  With that typically comes power outages and power surges...

Benefits of fire and life safety for residential and commercial buildings.

By AlarmSouth June 5, 2018

Fire and life safety alarms are crucial for your protection but if they are not monitored it could mean risking the safety of your..

What you need to know after your alarm is installed.

By AlarmSouth June 5, 2018

When your alarm is installed you will feel a sense of security and relief that you are now protected You will know how to arm, disarm,..

Motion sensor things to know for proper function.

By AlarmSouth June 5, 2018

Motion sensors are one of the main lines of defense for a home or business.  These are common things to consider when dealing with your..

Consider this when switching your phone service.

By AlarmSouth June 5, 2018

If you switched your phone service in recent years not knowing you were switched over to Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP.  Chances..

What can cameras do for your home and business?

By AlarmSouth June 4, 2018

Today we ask ourselves, "How we can better take care of our property, our business, our family and all the things we value?"  One great..

Signal Technologies Acquisition

By AlarmSouth August 25, 2017

Hickory, NC- AlarmSouth is excited to announce the acquisition of friendly competitor Signal Technologies Inc.

Benefits Of Home Security Sensors And Alerts

By AlarmSouth August 19, 2017

With new technology, the security industry is constantly changing and improving to the benefit of consumers.


Today, the capabilities..

Carbon Monoxide Safety

By AlarmSouth July 5, 2017

What is Carbon Monoxide?  Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless toxic gas produced by incomplete combustion in..

How to test my alarm system.

By AlarmSouth June 21, 2017

A question we are often asked is, How do I test my alarm system? Or How often should I test my alarm system? We recommend testing your..