Motion sensor things to know for proper function.

Posted by AlarmSouth on Jun 5, 2018 4:02:56 PM

Motion sensors are one of the main lines of defense for a home or business.  These are common things to consider when dealing with your motion sensors in order to ensure proper function at all times. 


Recent Case Study:  Recently a business reported trouble with a motion detector stating that motion would not trigger the alarm.  It turns out new promotional materials were recently hung from the ceiling blocking the line of site of the sensor.  The motion sensor was working properly but the range was being drastically cut down which brings us to the top things to know forproper motion sensor function.




BLOCKING PATHWAYS - Always be mindful of your motion sensors line of site.  If you put up promotional materials for your business or new home decorations make sure nothing is blocking the sensors line of site.


FALSE ALARMS Be sure to have pet-friendly sensors if you have animals in the house.  Make sure there are no loose doors or windows.  Be aware of stray objects that could be moved or blown around. 


MAINTENANCE - Replace batteries regularly.  Be sure to dust in order to keep spider webs and dust particles off sensors.  Check to see that your sensors are not outdated or worn out.   


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