Consider this when switching your phone service.

Posted by AlarmSouth on Jun 5, 2018 3:48:05 PM

If you switched your phone service in recent years not knowing you were switched over to Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP.  Chances are it affected your alarm.  VOIP is a service that allows you to make calls through your Internet connection as opposed to a traditional landline or cell carrier.  This service is available from small providers as well as some of the largest internet providers out there.  It is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and is cheaper than a landline or cell carrier.  But with this cheaper price comes some risks if used with alarm systems and emergencies in general.




POWER SUPPLY - The modem and router used for VOIP need to have power at all times to work. During a storm blackout or local electrical problem, you will not be able to dial 911 and your alarm system can't dial out to the monitoring station either. 


INTERNET CONNECTIVITY - The modem can lose signal due to a variety of factors like provider downtime, high internet traffic, shared connections or malicious attacks. No internet, no phone calls, no emergency services can be routed through the alarm system when the connection is unstable.


ELECTRONICS FAILURE - VOIP modems and routers can lock up or lose signal and need to be rerouted.  In an emergency, if the alarm system tries to call and a failure occurs the call will not go through. 


If you have switched over please test your alarm system or contact AlarmSouth for assistance.  If you plan to switch to VOIP please call us first to make sure your alarm system is compatible and communicating properly after the switch.  Even after the initial test remember to test frequently.  


Any questions or concerns hit the button below for our contact page or give us a call at 1-800-566-5677.


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