Can Your Franchise Benefit From Access Control?

Posted by AlarmSouth on Apr 11, 2017 8:35:26 AM

Female Business Owner.jpgIf you manage a franchise with multiple locations, replacing keys with access control keycards can help improve security and make life much easier for everyone involved. Access control is great for retail businesses, restaurants, and any business with high turnover.


Access control keycards let managers monitor who comes and goes, allow one employee to easily access multiple locations, and don’t create as much of a security risk when lost or stolen. Access Control is another one of the latest security solutions that have benefited from improvements in technology.


Here are a few of the key benefits of access control for franchises:

Retail Businesses.jpgSimplify Turnover

In the event an employee fails to turn in his keycard when leaving, that keycard can easily be deactivated, which is much easier than having to rekey locks and distribute new keys to all employees.


Save Money

Keycards can be reused and can’t be duplicated as easily as a traditional metal key. In fact, printing new keycards usually only costs a few dollars and can even be handled on site by facilities or office personnel.


Inventory Protection

Keycards keep track of who comes and goes. And access during certain hours can be cut off. So, if someone does steal, this might help indicate the culprit, but, more importantly, employees can’t access the building after hours.


Ideal for Multi-Shift Work Environments

When lots of different employees are coming and going to work various shifts, employees often times don’t know everyone involved. Having keycards allows these employees to come and go as needed while boosting workplace safety.


Keycard.jpgMulti-Location Access

If your franchise has regional managers or employees responsible for visiting multiple business locations, access control keycards can help make that process much easier and eliminiates the need for multiple metal keys.


Could Your Franchise Benefit from Access Control?

Alarm South installs and designs access control systems for a wide range of commercial and non-commercial entities, as many multi-location franchises througout NC, SC, TN and VA.


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