Benefits Of Home Security Sensors And Alerts

Posted by AlarmSouth on Aug 19, 2017 1:02:47 PM

Alarm Control Panel Touchpad.jpgWith new technology, the security industry is constantly changing and improving to the benefit of consumers.


Today, the capabilities of a residential security systems can protect customers in ways that weren't possible even a short time ago including sensor and alerts. 

 People today want to be in constant contact with what’s happening in their own homes.  Smart home technology including sensors and alerts is making this a reality.   


Sensors & Alerts

The vast array of sensors and automatic alerts options are a major innovation to home security systems.


Various sensors can be placed throughout a home to detect issues or problems, and alerts work in conjunction with these sensors to report on various happenings throughout a home.


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The most commonly installed sensors detect for water, carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, glass breaking, and motion. When a senor is trigged, the alarm system decides the appropriate response. Some common responses include:

  • Initiating a Contact to the Fire Department
  • Initiating a Contact to the Police Department
  • Sending an alert to the Homeowner
  • Triggering on a Residential Sprinkler System in response to smoke/heat
  • Cutting off a Water Main in response to a water sensor
  • Turning on an Exhaust Vent to deal with Carbon Monoxide

With a smart home platform, homeowners can set up any number of alerts. It might be an alert to see that the kids are home safe from school. Or it could be an alert that the garage door has been left open at night.


All of these sensors and alerts work together to provide homeowners with up-to-the-second information about what’s happening in their homes, which is why we consider these alerts and sensors to be such a valuable home security innovation.


Stay at the Forefront of Home Security Technology

We work hard to keep our customer's homes updated with the latest home security technology. Over the last 50 years, there have a been quite a few changes to the equipment we’re installing in homes, but never any change to our dedication to quality and service.


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