3 of the Latest Innovations in Home Security Systems

Posted by AlarmSouth on Feb 7, 2017 3:47:30 PM

Alarm Control Panel Touchpad.jpgThe security industry exists in a technology driven market, which is constantly changing and improving to the benefit of consumers. The sheer amount of computing power in a single alarm control panel is helping to make many new industry innovations possible.


Smart home technology is the single greatest home security innovation to emerge in recent years. Fortunately, the open nature of smart home platforms, like Honeywell Total Connect, is helping to encourage a continued stream of new innovations.


The Security Industry Evolves with Changing Technologies

As wireless technology became accessible and inexpensive, the security market exploited this technology to offer less expensive alarm systems. As touch screens became popular, alarm makers began incorporating that technology into alarm panels.


We’re currently living in an Age of Connectivity, and just about everyone in the U.S. has a smartphone. We’re in constant communication with each other, but we’re also in constant communication with what’s happening throughout the rest of the world.


People Want to Be Connected to Their Homes 

It’s only natural that people yearn for a desire to be in constant contact with what’s happening in their own homes. The security industry, as a whole, is helping to make this a reality for families all over the world. Some of the most practical smart home elements relate to home security, so many security companies have embraced this technology and are helping install smart solutions for homeowners.


As technology continues to evolve, the hope is that the security industry will continue to find new and innovative ways of incorporating that technology into helping keep people and property as safe as possible. In the meantime, here are a few simple innovations that are helping homeowners today.


1. Smart Home Integration

Is Smart Home Technology Really All It’s Cracked up to Be?

Smart Home Technology Features.jpgFrom the refrigerator to the trashcan, it seems like every home appliance or feature suddenly has a “smart” alternative. Generally speaking, these smart home features are more expensive, more complicated, and don’t always integrate with other smart devices. So why invest in this technology?


Smart Home Technology Is Here to Stay

While it’s easy to dismiss smart home technology as a fad, the smart home technology features being installed by security companies are having a huge impact on the overall safety of homes and changing the way people interact with their homes.

Smart locks, smart lights, and smart video are three features that have an immediate and very real impact on the safety and security of a residential home, and new smart home innovations are being brought to market all the time.


Innovative Smart Home Technology Features

One of our favorite new smart home innovations is the Smart Video Doorbell. When someone steps onto a front porch armed with one of these smart video doorbells, an alert gets sent to the phone of the homeowner, who can then instantly access a live video feed to see and hear exactly what’s happening on their front porch.


Video Doorbells allow homeowners to have a conversation with a friend or tell a stranger to go away. And, if your home is integrated with other smart features, you can turn on the front porch light, unlock your front door, and disarm your security system with a few easy clicks (if you want to allow access to your home). If the person is suspicious, you’ve got an HD quality video recording of the suspect’s face and potentially voice.


Here’s a great video that shows how the SkyBell Video Doorbell system integrates with a Honeywell Total Connect System:




2. Sensors & Alerts

Water Sensors for Washing Machine.jpgWe consider the vast array of sensors and automatic alerts options a major innovation to home security systems. Various sensors can be placed throughout a home to detect issues or problems, and alerts work in conjunction with these sensors to report on various happenings throughout a home.


The most commonly installed sensors detect for water, carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, glass breaking, and motion. When a senor is trigged, the alarm system decides the appropriate response. Some common responses include:

  • Initiating a Contact to the Fire Department
  • Initiating a Contact to the Police Department
  • Sending an alert to the Homeowner
  • Triggering on a Residential Sprinkler System in response to smoke/heat
  • Cutting off a Water Main in response to a water sensor
  • Turning on an Exhaust Vent to deal with Carbon Monoxide

With a smart home platform, homeowners can set up any number of alerts. It might be an alert to see that the kids are home safe from school. Or it could be an alert that the garage door has been left open at night.


All of these sensors and alerts work together to provide homeowners with up-to-the-second information about what’s happening in their homes, which is why we consider these alerts and sensors to be such a valuable home security innovation.


3. Video Integration

Innovations in home video surveillance equipment have helped solve most of the problems with residential video technology. In the past, home surveillance cameras were quite costly, had data storage & quality problems, and could only ever be viewed after a burglary had already occurred. All of those issues have been resolved.


Innovations in technology have helped make video surveillance a realistic option for the average homeowner, and the picture quality can be quite superb. And, with the integration of a smart home app, homeowners can view a live video feed from a smartphone anywhere in world with an internet connection.


Home Security Drone.jpgWhat’s Next with Home Security Innovation?

Many argue that the next significant security industry innovation will involve drones. Imagine a little drone flying around the perimeter of your home, constantly reporting on suspicious activity. Though, truthfully, we’ll likely see drones used in commercial security applications before they’re introduced to any residential applications, but anything could happen!


Stay at the Forefront of Home Security Technology

We work hard to keep our security clients’ homes updated with the latest home security technology. Over the last 50 years, there have a been quite a few changes to the equipment we’re installing in homes, but never any change to our dedication to quality and service.


Contact us to learn more about smart home technology, sensors & alerts, or incorporating video security into a home’s electronic security defenses.


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